Hard Landscaping is often used to refer to the general structure within the garden. At Nicholas Lever Landscapes, we deal with hard landscaping by starting from the outer edges of your garden e.g. walls, fences, patios, pathways and walls.

This aspect of your garden is essential in making sure that it is done correctly and to the high standards that we set at Nicholas Lever Landscapes. Our work predominantly covers the area of Dorset. We tend to use quite a lot of reclaimed materials such as old street cobblestone and flagstone to deliver outstanding work to clients who want to achieve a timeless effect for their driveway, patio or path. This is also a great method to make sure that the environment is well looked after as we are not using resources to create new material.

Hard landscaping services that we can offer include:


Walls - Brick, Stone etc

Block Paving


Ornamental Stone

Brick Features

We believe that the sky is the limit when it comes to our technical knowledge and ingenuity. We have the tools to make sure that our work maximises space with any new structure that we create. We can even create for you a hidden spa for times of relaxing and tranquillity.

At Nicholas Lever Landscapes, we guarantee our customers that they will receive the most competitive prices for the work done. We always guarantee 100% customer satisfaction when it comes to any work that we perform for our clients. We strive to make sure that you have complete peace of mind when it comes down to your ideal garden.