At Nicholas Lever Landscapes, we offer our customers the chance to have an immaculate paradise as a garden that can be shown off to neighbours and friends alike. It may not seem like much but to the trained eye a tree planted in the wrong position could ruin the symmetry and look of the garden. Also, an incorrectly laid lawn will not do your property any favours as you will not be able to achieve that bowling green / football pitch that you have been wanting for quite a long time now.

With our years of expertise we can design and put into use a high quality build; gardens can be transformed from that empty space on your premises to a fully functioning and aesthetically pleasing garden. We are determined to transform gardens, which bring disappointment due to uncut grass or a large number of weeds, into something that every homeowner can be proud of and enjoy it to the fullest potential.

Soft landscaping services that we can provide include:

High Quality Lawns

Planting Schemes




Water Gardens

At Nicholas Lever Landscapes, we are committed to making sure that the quality of our work is completely up to scratch and higher. We constantly benchmark ourselves to make sure that we are better than our rival companies. We always strive to make sure that 100% customer satisfaction is achieved along with complete peace of mind.